Medical Services

The planning, the implementation, the reporting and the auditing of research, especially in the medical field, namely, clinical trials, is our core activity. By the use of online quality control we can deliver top standard results as fast as the research units/clinics can produce them.
General and Dedicated Information Technology Systems
Our IT Department can implement and customize "of the shelf" solutions and if needed can program dedicated configurations to meet your requests. The use, when possible, of high volume standard software products is mostly the best way to reduce costs and to guarantee compatibility with ever evolving operating systems, i.e. we will only propose one-shot solutions if well-configured available products don't cover your needs.
Logistics and Item tracking
Our CACTUS-CB® implements barcode, soft- and hard-signature technology with the most advanced database services to track items in storehouses, documents in archives and even to analyse and optimise workflow.